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Tired of the tech hassle? We've got your back!


Why Choose Wild Roots Farm Marketing?


  • Farm-to-Table Focus: We specialize in custom GrazeCart Websites. GrazeCart is an e-commerce platform made by farmers, for farmers to sell direct to consumer.

  • All-in-One Solution: Manage inventory, order fulfillment, packing, and more all in one place.

  • Hands-Off Launch: We design, write, and launch your online store so you can keep farming.

  • Custom Branding: From logos to labels, we've got all your graphic design needs covered.

  • Flexible Options: Can't afford the whole package? Book a la carte consulting or work sessions.

  • Free Training Included: We won't leave you hanging! With every website project, we offer free training so you'll be set for success.


Curious About How We Can Help?


Book a quick call to see how Wild Roots can lend you a helping hand!

To Help Consumers

Trust Their Farmers.

Natural, nutritious food comes directly from small farms like yours. The best way for consumers to know where their food is coming from is to know their farmer!


That is where Wild Roots Farm Marketing can help.


Together we can keep you connected to your customers and make them feel like part of your farm family.

Join our movement of farm-loving people

reinventing the food system!

"Wild Roots rapidly transitioned us from an awkward,  lackluster Barn2Door/Squarespace online platform to an easy to use and highly effective Grazecart system. Her first-hand farm and farm-market experience combined with her expertise in   graphic design and content marketing were exactly what we needed."

-Don Sherman

We’re a small business just like you—we’ll keep the emails to a minimum and only reach out when we’ve got some quality nuggets to share. We promise.




Phone: 817.437.1231


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